Terms & Conditions

UPComingVC – Geneva, Switzerland – 27 & 28 April, 2017


If UPComingVC has to cancel the event, our liability in the event of cancellation is limited to a full refund of the event fee only. The event is free of entry/ticket charge for all participants (VCs, Challengers, Startups). We will not refund any travel or hotel costs associated with the cancellation of the event.

Data protection

We will treat your personal information in accordance with data protection legislation.

We will use your information for administration, communication and research. To do this we may share your information with our business partners. A list of all candidate may be published and circulated at the event. We may transfer your information to a business partner that is located in the US, Europe or Asia. This partner certifies that it complies with the US – EU Privacy Shield. For more information about our data protection policy please contact

Programme Changes

It may be necessary for reasons beyond our control to change the content and timing of the programme, the speakers, the VCs, the Startups, the Challengers, the date or the venue at any time prior to the event date.


UPComingVC accepts no liability if a VC, a Startup, a Challenger is unable to attend the event due to adverse weather conditions or any travel disruption. UPComingVC does not commit to making every effort to negotiate free parking for VC, a Startup, a Challenger at the venue.


UPComingVC has not negotiated any partnership with hotels or any other type of accommodation. However, UPComingVC may provide Startups, Challengers and VCs with an indicative list of hotels and accommodation. UPComingVC bears no liability and responsibility for bookings and reservations/cancellations.

Filming and sound recording

UPComingVC reserves the right to film, record or photograph any of the speakers, challengers, startups and VCs at the event for live broadcasting on social medias and post event purposes. All participants are advised that this may result in incidental inclusion of participants within any recording or photographs.


Following the event, participants should expect to receive an email asking them to complete a feedback form online. We would ask this is completed and returned to us within seven days to allow UPComingVC to continue to improve and tailor future events more closely to your requirements.