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CareGame (Paris, France)

Participated to UPComingVC #2 @ Station F, Paris

CareGame #Runway Series

About CareGame
“We build tomorrow’s platform for mobile gaming, enabling any mobile game to be played from any smartphone, without a single download. We build this service with Care.”

A critical milestone you have reached since the challenge?
Since the Challenge, we have strengthened the team, with a new CTO onboard accordingly with our pivot towards the cloud gaming platform we’re building. We have already developed this new tool enabling to play a mobile game though your browser, and showcased it as a demo to our first investors. We are on our way to close a seed fundraising table with our first Business Angels!

Looking ahead to the next 6 to 12 months?
Our fundraise will enable us to bring the demo to the beta stage, and put our work into production, with new talented dev in the team. We’ll develop our community as well and get the deals we need from great game editors, already on their way. Also hopefully, in 12 months we will have experienced the Ubisoft program at StationF, which can tremendously help us (the selection is currently happening and we’re doing our best to get there !)

An insight from your entrepreneur’s journey
The mobile game market (and its 14% CAGR) is moving fast, and we know where it’s heading : streaming. Music has gone there with Spotify, Video too with Netflix, now it’s time for PC&console gaming. Next will be mobile gaming! The deployment for 5G and arrival of a new type of games (heavy in storage and heavily multiplayer) will push the distribution evolutions It’s pretty early times for now, few industry actors are yet there, and no one envisioning the solution as the one we’re building. So we have to deliver well to get there – so the times are exciting.

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