#Runway Series

Follow up along their startups’ journey with all the inspiring entrepreneurs who participated to our Venture Capital Investment Challenges. They are deeply mission-driven.

You are a Startup and participated to our Venture Capital Investment Challenges?

Fresh (Paris, France)

Participated to UPComingVC #1 @ Fusion, Geneva (Switzerland)

Freshr #Runway Series

About Freshr

“Best news app for 18-25 years old people!”

A critical milestone you have reached since the challenge?

We fundraised with great BAs and overpassed 100k monthly active users!

Looking ahead to the next 6 to 12 months?

We are focusing on the US market with a more social approach.

An insight from your entrepreneur's journey

Creating a unicorn in the media market is sooooo hard ! You need to have amazing stickiness in a huge market!