#Runway Series
Follow up along their startups’ journey with all the inspiring entrepreneurs who participated to our Venture Capital Investment Challenges. They are deeply mission-driven.

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Navily (Nice, France)

Participated to UPComingVC #1 @ Fusion, Geneva (Switzerland)

Navily #Runway Series

About Navily
“Navily is the most innovative cruising guide! Find the best anchorages and book a berth in any marina.”

A critical milestone you have reached since the challenge?
We pivoted and we raised 1M€ 🙂 It’s been a long road but we managed to successfully pivot and 12 months later we raised 1M€ to continue developing Navily. This allowed us to recruit some smart new people and we’re now getting everything ready for 2019.

Looking ahead to the next 6 to 12 months?
We have 2 new business models to try in the next few months. We’re entirely revamping our backend and our apps to further improve the experience of both boaters and marina managers.

An insight from your entrepreneur’s journey
All other sectors of the tourism industry have embraced the internet revolution. The nautical industry has lagged behind for a long time but the past 5 years have shown an incredible growth of new startups in the areas of boat rentals, boat maintenance, cruising guides and marina management. Everywhere in Europe we see new startups coming with brilliant ideas. The industry still needs to embrace these changes but the future looks bright.

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