An Innovative Event Format

A Venture Capital
Investment Challenge.

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a life-size simulation of a round of fundraising

Startups Pitches

Due Diligence

Final Demo Day

About the 1st Edition
Geneva. April 27-28, 2017.

Was Hosted by Fusion

Engaged Participants

“We never had an event that was that closely related to VCs, a workshop between VCs, startups and students. […] It comes at the right moment as we are fund raising right now, so having the whole due diligence and VC-type question process before, falls a the right time. […] Everyone has been very into the event and pumped up about it. […] The feeling is very much positive.”

Alexei, Startuper.

“Thank you all the team for this great event. Worked hard and played hard. Well done! […] It was absolutely amazing because we had so many different companies and we have the chance to interact with all of them […] and learn about the role of a VC, understand what they do, how they make a valuation, have a real-life test.”

Dominique, Challenger member of the winning team.

A unique event concept. […] Three years ago, I was in the same shoes as the Challengers, looking for a VC role. I really wanted to help them and show how it is to work as a VC.”

Moritz, VC @ UnternehmerTUM VC, member of the Jury.

Very good overall ambiance. Numerous meetings between all events members: not another impersonal startup event. Very original experience and topic.”

Quentin, CEO & Cofounder eCap Partner, member of the Jury.

“It is a very interesting event as the format is not formal and very different from any other event.”

Stéphane, Challenger.

“You test your skills very well, you get insights from real VCs.”

Tom, Challenger.

A Committed Community

“A great event to train and to learn how to talk with a Venture Capitalist and understand what type of questions they are asking, and to understand exactly what they want to understand about my company. […] I am here mostly to train to become a better candidate for VCs.”

Edouard, CEO & Co-Founder Navily.

“You can be in the mind of VCs for two days, discover how to set up an investment agreement in the big lines. […] There is a lot of discussion and sharing of ideas going on here. Very great initiative with a lot of actors of the ecosystem.”

Lucas, Challenger.

“UPComingVC is a well organized event. As a fund, we get to know quickly the startups in very concise event format. […] Free spaces help you network with other investors and meet potential analysts.”

Moritz, VC @ UnternehmerTUM VC, member of the Jury.

“I met a lot of upcoming VCs, […] it is interesting to see how they approach your project, they have different questions than the regular VCs, […] they tackle different topics and we have very interesting conversation.”

Edouard, CEO & Co-Founder Navily.

Great opportunity to put a foot on this startup ecosystem, to challenge my skills, and of course extend my network.”

Xevi, Challenger.

“It is a really great event, […] it gives you the opportunity to really get to know the companies much more in details than other events, because you spend so much time with them. […] You get to know the people better than usual.”

Ravi, VC @ Early Bird, member of the Jury.

Super team, great overall mood, startups played the game until the end, great challengers. The event brought value on all sides = priceless.”

Jonathan, VC @ Polytech Ecosystem Ventures, member of the Jury.

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