Connecting Startups,
Students & Young Professionals
and Venture Capitalists.


Geneva. April 27-28, 2017.

Hosted by Fintech FUSION.

FUSION is Switzerland’s Fintech Accelerator, based out of Geneva. FUSION capitalises on Switzerland’s position as a global hub for financial services as well as its world-beating reputation for innovation to drive the fintech agenda. Its aim, quite simply, is to fuse the best of Switzerland with the most promising fintech talent to lead innovation in financial services.

the concept

Venture Capital
Investment Challenge.

Full-scale simulation of the fundraising & startup due diligence process.

A 2-day event where young professionals incarnate Venture Capitalists, invest fake euros/usd/chf in genuine startups and are judged by real VC professionals. It mimics the authentic VC investment process, connecting investors & real startups while helping aspiring VCs dive into the peculiar world of venture capital.

how to participate

Meet the Jury.

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Agenda of the event

Startups Pitches

DAY 1 (am). Each startup pitches its product, business model, strategy & fundraising needs in front of the full-house audience (VCs and challengers).

Due Diligence

DAY 1 (pm) & DAY 2 (am). Perform in team for each startup your due diligence, negotiate & come up with written termsheets and your investment recommendations.

Final Demo Day

DAY 2 (pm). Pitch, by team, each of your investment recommendations in front of the VCs and prove you are talented. Winning team is then announced.



Test your investment & due diligence skills in a life-size test with genuine startups and seasoned VCs. Get potentially hired as an Analyst/Associate.

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You are A STARTUP.

Full-scale training to the fundraising process.
Connect with VCs and prepare the ground for your potential upcoming funding rounds.

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You are A VC.

Identify talented aspiring VCs to join your team as Analysts/Associates.
Meet entrepreneurs and add to your deal flow promising startups.

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