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Supervalo. - An imaginary venture capital valuation game. | Product Hunt Embed



An Imaginary Venture Capital Valuation Game.

Through gamification, we're building the first Social Network where you learn about Venture Capital, build an investor reputation as an aspiring VC, discover startups as a VC, and become visible in a different manner as a Founder or as an Ecosystem.

Come build Supervalo with us.

✨ Supervalo in action ✨

🥇 Think: Fantasy League not for Soccer but for Venture Capital

🎯 Browse startups and build your portfolio

🍭 Select up to 4 startups for your portfolio

🍡 Predict what you think the other players think its valuation is, for each startup in your portfolio

🧠 It is a mastermind game

🍦 Submit startups to be added to the list

🍅 Upvote startups

🍇 Check your portfolio

🌶 See how you rank with other players

🍋 The closer your startups valuations are, the more points you get

🥤 Check your personal scorecard

🍓 Share your public profile for the players directory

🍉 Access the players directory: who's playing this month?

💥 Built-in collective chat with the other players

🥝 And many other cool features to come

(Build your track record, edit your portfolio, commit vs. invest, secondaries, seed vs. late stage leagues...)

⚡ Join the Beta now

🧨 Limited to 100 players

And it is free (for the moment).