Human Factor.

The audio-documentary by UPCOMINGVC®

The Place of the Human in the Y Combinator Experience.

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✨ The Story. ✨

This is not a podcast. It is an audio-documentary on the Human.

Y Combinator has funded nearly 2,000 startups since its inception in 2005. The value of its portfolio is believed to exceed $ 150 billion with Tech icons like Airbnb, Coinbase, Dropbox, Stripe, Twitch.

Growth. MRR. Retention. Cohort. Pitch. Iteration. Shipper. Market size. Dilution. SAFEs. Valuation. Literature, blog posts, tweets, podcasts abound on these subjects at the heart of the entrepreneur's attention, selected to join YC to confront relentlessly for three months her ideas, her product, her execution to the reality of her sometimes still unknown market.

On the other hand, how to understand the impact on human relations of these twelve weeks of relentless business acceleration that has no equivalence? What definition(s) do humans take in this race for hypergrowth? What does the entrepreneur learn about herself? How does she struggle with or against her doubts? What psychological mechanism(s) are tested, weakened or strengthened?

Through four episodes, this audio-documentary, as close as possible to the "YC" reality that sixteen French entrepreneurs experienced, will bring us insight and answers on the place of the Human when a YC Alumnus interacts with

EP #1: her Teammates & Co-Founders,
EP #2: Y Combinator Partners, Alumni, Batchmates,
EP #3: her Users and
EP #4: Venture Capitalists.

✨ Their Experiences. ✨

16 unique perspectives detailed in Human Factor.

Anne Gérard, Medicalhero/MINIMALL, YC S20

Christophe Pasquier, Slite, YC W18

Laurent Perrin, Front, YC S14

Benjamin Netter, Riot Security, YC W20

Antoine Nguyen Hong Duc, Covela, YC S19

Axel Delafosse, Goosebump, YC S17
Now: Founder & CEO of Pool Messenger

Alex Louisy, Upflow, YC W20

Julien Berthomier, Station, YC W18

Jonathan Parisot, Actiondesk, YC S19

Thibaut Sahaghian, Multis, YC S19

Florian Bersier, Gmelius, YC S19

John Lafleur, Airbyte, YC W20

Robin Choy, Hiresweet, YC W20

Florent Bolzinger, Skylights, YC S16
Now: Co-Founder of Quidli

Louis Mutricy, Skypher, YC W20

Nicolas Toper, Manycore, YC W17

✨ Why Human Factor? ✨

The objective of Human Factor is to help you understand how to take advantage of situations of extreme intensity to become your better-self, not only for yourself but also in your human relations with any stakeholder in your entrepreneurial adventure, or at work.

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Human Factor.

An enriched & immersive audio-documentary aiming at understanding what impact evolving human relations through the Y Combinator experience, have on the psychology of an entrepreneur at hypergrowth stage.

⚡ To listen to at 1x speed ... not 2x !


Human Factor.

An enriched & immersive audio-documentary aiming at understanding what impact evolving human relations through the Y Combinator experience, have on the psychology of an entrepreneur at hypergrowth stage.

⚡ To listen to at 1x speed ... not 2x !



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✨ The Members! ✨

✨ Frequently asked questions. ✨

Human Factor is an audio documentary in four chapters, each lasting 60 to 75 minutes.

From a media standpoint, this is an audio format just like a podcast. Human Factor (Episode 1-3 only) will also be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer and most popular podcast platforms. However, we wish to favor a close relationship between the listener and Human Factor, by producing an audio-documentary that must be considered as an immersive documentary, rich in sound, that we want to listen to in 1x and not in 1.25x at 2x like most podcasts we all listen to. Human Factor is not content that the listener consumes but that he or she soaks in. Particular attention is paid to the interweaving between narrative style and overlapping discussions with entrepreneurs.

To date, 16 entrepreneurs have given their consent to participate in Human Factor. Alex Louisy, Upflow, W20
Anne Gérard, Medicalhero / MINIMALL, S20
Antoine Nguyen Hong Duc, Covela, S19
Axel Delafosse, Goosebump, S17
Benjamin Netter, Riot security, W20
Christophe Pasquier, Slite, W18
Florent Bolzinger, Skylights, S16
Florian Bersier, Gmelius, S19
Jean Henri John Lafleur, Airbyte, W20
Jonathan Parisot, Actiondesk, S19
Julien Berthomier, Station, W18
Laurent Perrin, Front, S14
Louis Mutricy, Skypher, w20
Nicolas Toper, Manycore, W17
Robin Choy, Hiresweet, W20
Thibaut Sahaghian, Multis, S19. Depending on their availability during the production of the audio documentary, this list may change.

We aim to broadcast the preview of the first three episodes in the second or third quarter of 2021. This indication may change, for example depending on the health situation related to Covid-19, or for any other reason having an impact on the normal progress of the production of this audio-documentary. The fourth episode of Human Factor will only be available as a private RSS feed for the Human Factor Community for six months from the preview. At the end of this six month period, the fourth episode of Human Factor will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer and most popular podcast platforms.

We wish to give privileged access to Human Factor to the Community which made it possible to make this audio-documentary. The first three episodes of Human Factor will be available for the Community in private stream for a period of one month from their preview. The fourth episode of Human Factor will be available to the Community in private stream for a period of six months from its preview.

Just as the subject of our audio-documentary is the place of the human being, we are convinced that listeners must also be valued. In our opinion, it is the exchange and closeness between listeners, directors and participants in Human Factor that will allow us to understand the place of humans in an entrepreneurial adventure. The benefits for members of the Human Factor Community are twofold. First of all, an OFF access to Human Factor, allowing on the one hand during the production of Human Factor to dive behind the scenes of this audio-documentary and to experience it from the inside, with unique information on the film. advancement of the project through newsletters and private podcasts. OFF access to Human Factor also means access to an online private discussion tool for all supporters and producers of audio-documentaries, to connect, meet, exchange. Also, the supporters of the audio-documentary Human Factor benefit from 1) visibility as benefactors of the project with the display of their first name, last name and their photo on the audio-report website, 2) preview listening in the presence (physical or virtual) of the entrepreneurs participating in the audio-documentary, 3) unlimited access to all three public episodes 1 month before their broadcast, 4) privileged access to episode # 4 on "Venture Capitalists" (private rss feed) which will not be broadcast publicly for 6 months. Most of the inspiring content that we listen to / watch / read, I speak in the broad sense regardless of the format, only touches you at the time of its DISTRIBUTION, but very rarely at the time of its IDEATION AND PRODUCTION. We are convinced that FOLLOWING AS CLOSELY the production of inspiring content, as Human Factor will be, will bring you a much better understanding and immersion in the subject, in this case BECOME YOUR BETTER-SELF, with much more CONTEXT , besides the advantages;) Being part of the Human Factor Community is also EXCHANGE with all the other members following the adventure, in a dimension of PEER-LEARNING on the subject.

Let's start with the 50 member limit. The emphasis is on engagement in the community and interaction between its members, which we consider facilitated by the fact of proposing a limited number of participants (members). However, depending on the interest in Human Factor, it is possible that this number may change. As for the single one-off cost, we believe that all of the supports are just as important to us as each other and do not wish to favor certain members of the Community to the detriment of other members of the Community.